Examples of geographic space

The geographical space is defined as a territory where human and natural elements coexist in the conformation of a continent, nation or region.

In a geographic space all species of nature (water, animals, vegetation) coexist in relation to human beings. These make up the geographic territories so that they have a social , political and human right as long as they all coexist in harmony.

The human being, with the idea of distributing the space , supposes that he occupies the geography to treat it with harmony from the ecological environment. Modifying the natural landscape forces you to observe the consequences. For example, the course of a river could not be modified because it would destroy the fauna and vegetation of the place.

In this sense, the natural geographic space should be respected as long as it is believed that what has been exterminated cannot be recovered. For this, the geographical distribution must be sensible so that living with the geographical environment is beneficial for all the elements that are interrelated.

Components of geographic space

In every geographical space occupied by nature and by human beings, it is characterized by its form of organization . In this case, there are five components that allow describing the geographic space in which it is organizationally composed. For instance:

  • Cultural . It refers to the way in which generations of human beings, under a common good, preserve their traditions, customs and way of life throughout their history. Language, dialects and religion are also part of this cultural heritage.
  • Social . In this component, human communities are organized in correlative spaces so that they are distributed in their territory. This social issue is made up of communities of all kinds such as religious, educational, economic, legal institutions …
  • Economic . A component, as its name indicates, that deals with the primary, secondary and tertiary activities of the production of human consumption. Here is its reason for being entrepreneurship through the creation of industries or spaces for the distribution of mass consumer products.
  • Political. The political component deals with directing the laws of the nation. In this particular, legal consultancies must be ready to monitor compliance with the laws and human rights before their own needs for their own benefit and that of the community .

This is nature, proper. It is a component where the fauna, flora and everything that surrounds nature is intended to serve and recreate the human. The geographical space is not empty of those other beings that are part of the natural ecosystem . As such, it is formed spontaneously and also by human intervention.

Examples of geographic space

The geographical space is shaped by how it is in distribution depending on the territory it occupies. Examples:

  1. Continent . It is a huge expanse of land separated by the ocean. They are determined by geographical features. Examples : African Continent, Asian Continent, European Continent, North American Continent, South American Continent, Ocean Continent, Antarctic Continent
  2. Nation . The nation is a territory that is populated by an ethnic group that share historical, cultural, and social ties, among many other aspects. They have to their credit a sense of belonging to their nation or community. Examples : Argentine, Venezuelan, Colombian, Galician, American, Canadian, Asian nation or people …
  3. Region . They are geographic spaces that share similarities in climate , relief , vegetation, or soil class. It also refers to the ethnic and geographical distribution that identifies the nation or people. Examples: natural regions such as savanna, plain, forest, tundra, desert, prairie, among others. Regions of the world : America (South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean); Asia-Pacific (Australia, Oceania, Central and South Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia); Europe (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe).

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