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Examples of Gender Stereotypes

A gender stereotype is an unrealistic idea that one has about one or more people belonging to the same sexual gender.

There are stereotypes that are taken as objective definitions and end up looking true. It is thought that they really describe these people with common characteristics, but the reality is that they are wrong perceptions , dominated by lack of information and little interest in knowing the truth.

Both men and women are generally pigeonholed under a concept that sometimes seeks to discriminate against them. In society, girls and boys face situations that, if they were not of the female or male gender, they would not be experiencing.

The stereotype “man” and the stereotype “woman” are the most general, but within them there are others that add a more specific characteristic, such as single mothers, older men, blonde girls, etc.

There are also positive and neutral gender stereotypes, which on the contrary highlight the virtues of women and men separately.

When it comes to a negative stereotype, it could affect interpersonal relationships, preventing many people from having a harmonious coexistence.

Examples of gender stereotypes

  1. Boys are better at sports than girls.
  2. Blonde women are not smart.
  3. Men are unfaithful by nature.
  4. Women are hysterical and complicated.
  5. Men are more aggressive.
  6. Men are brave.
  7. Women are emotionally unstable.
  8. Men are emotionally stable.
  9. Men are more outspoken.
  10. Women should have more rights than men.
  11. The mother is more important than the father.
  12. Men are riskier.
  13. Women have more intuition.
  14. Women are more tender.
  15. The woman must be submissive.
  16. Girls study more than boys.
  17. Men are more rational.
  18. The girls are interested.
  19. Mothers don’t perform at work.
  20. Senior positions in a company should be held by men.
  21. A woman should not speak freely about her sexuality.
  22. Very flirtatious girls are indecent.
  23. Men are not good for quiet, routine jobs.
  24. All boys must like sports.
  25. A woman should marry before 30.
  26. The women are from the home, the men from the street.

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