Examples of gamification

Gamification is a relatively new concept, it is a series of techniques by which leisure and games characteristics are added to activities that are not, that is, those that do not have recreational purposes but with these elements an increase can be achieved in productivity, it helps to maintain motivation in the people who perform them and thus a good performance is achieved, it is usually applied in areas such as marketing, HR, health, education and other similar ones.

Gamification is defined as the learning tool that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational field in order to obtain good results.

This technique is used to improve skills and reward specific actions, the best way to put this into practice is for students to be clear about the dynamics of the game.

There is something important in all this and that is that recreation or gaming is a means to obtain something, it is never the end, that is the main difference between these activities and the games themselves, within gamification, motivation allows to achieve objectives that They are more relevant than the fun itself and that, as we have said, considerably improves performance, for example in customer service, learning, and it can also change some of the ways in which people interact within a social circle.

The analyst Kevin Werbach defines this concept as “the use of game design elements and techniques within contexts that are not games”, some of those elements in non-recreational activities are the rules and mechanics that can be translated as the accumulation of points, levels and rankings, there are also rewards, organization of competitions and that finally help to promote improvement within an activity

5 Examples of Gamification

  1. Starbucks rewards: loyalty system launched by said company to accumulate points and obtain rewards.
  2. Alleyoop: set of tools designed for learning mathematics aimed at teachers.
  3. Nike +: aimed at running fans so that people can compete with each other and the rest of the community.
  4. Gamisfaction: it was launched by Twitter to stimulate activity among users of the social network with a points and rewards system.
  5. Alleyoop: This tool is used to teach math in a fun and easy way, this is suitable for both teachers and students. Here you will find the best mathematical games that have a very fun dynamic.
  6. Windows 7 language Quality Game: currently this tool is used to do the best computer work.
  7. Gamisfication: it is used to attract the attention of users and increase the interaction of the virtual community.

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