Examples of funny phrases for Christmas

Examples of funny phrases for Christmas: It has less ostentation of luxury than the Portal de Belén. It has fewer figurines than the Fidel Castro Bethlehem. It is more innocent than December 28. He has more experience than Santa in chimneys. It’s more stuffed than a turkey at Christmas. It goes faster than the New Year’s Eve chimes. It has less movement than a cemetery on New Year’s Eve. He’s more untraceable than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It has more joie de vivre than the Coca-Cola tree at Christmas. You are dumber than that of the nougat “El Almendro”, which makes the military every year. Christmas is a good excuse to
to be able to hug who we want.
Tonight is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas, and the next with a hangover I go back to work.
Fish die and die in the river, but look at how they die, from radioactive waste.
I’m more pissed off than a turkey listening to a tambourine.
It is thinner than New Year’s Eve grapes.
Virgins spend many Christmases, but no good night.
It snows inside the house when you are not here. But now that you’re here,
I can finally see it snowing from the window.
This is how you progress in life: First you believe in Santa Claus, then you do not believe in Santa Claus, and in the end you are Santa Claus.
He works less than the substitute of the Magi.
He works less than the Three Wise Men, who only do it once a year and that’s a lie.
You drink more than the fish in the Christmas carol.
Christmas Postcard Law: When the last one has been sent, one arrives from someone you didn’t send
First Discovery on Christmas Afternoon: The child has a novelty toy and will notice that the parent will be playing with it while the child plays with the box the toy came in.
First Christmas Morning Discovery: Batteries were not included with the toy.
For Christmas, put reason aside because even if you are cold, there will always be someone who will warm you.
From Christmas to Kings day there are 12 days, but from Kings to Christmas there is almost a year.
Is it true that Mrs. Santa Claus is called Mary Christmas?
For Saint Lucia, the night dwindles and the day grows, and even Christmas is in her being.
May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.
He has less scruples than a fiscal inspection of the Magi … especially Baltasar, who handles a lot of black money.
It is more peaceful than Ghandi on Christmas Eve.
It’s cleaner than Mr. Propper’s letter to the Magi.
You’re more sorry than the “Come home for Christmas” ad.
Unity is strength, and the proof is that we are like a snowflake that falls on our faces, but you have to see when that snowflake joins others and makes a great avalanche.
Parents do not exist, everything is a montage of the Magi.

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