Examples of funny Christmas phrases

Examples of funny phrases about Christmas to put on our Christmas postcards:

1. For Saint Lucia, the night decreases and the day grows, and even Christmas is in her being.
2. It has less scruples than a fiscal inspection of the Magi … especially Baltasar, who handles a lot of black money.
3. Parents do not exist, everything is a montage of the Magi.
4. Hopefully all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.
5. You are more sad than the “Come home for Christmas” ad.
6. It is more peaceful than Ghandi on Christmas Eve.
7. It is cleaner than the letter to the Magi from Mr. Propper.
8. First Discovery on Christmas Afternoon: The child has a novel toy and will notice that the parent will be playing with it while the child will play with the box the toy came in.
9. Kings are parents. (Prince Felipe)
10. First Discovery on Christmas Morning: Batteries were not included with the toy.
11. Is it true that Mrs. Santa Claus is called Mary Christmas?
12. From Christmas to Kings day there are 12 days, but from Kings to Christmas there is almost a year.
13. For Christmas, put reason aside because even if you are cold, there will always be someone who will keep you warm.

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