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The percentage is one of the mathematical expressions that we use the most in everyday life. On the other hand, the information we see in the media is full of data expressed in percentages. For example, who has not ever heard: “10% sales on all household items” or “Unemployment increased 0.5% last quarter”.

A percentage is the proportion of one quantity with respect to another and represents the number of parts that interest us out of a total of 100.


When a family invests 45% of their savings in buying a home, they are spending 45 euros on it out of every 100 you have saved.
Percent can be defined as a fraction that has a denominator of 100. In this case, 45% is the decimal fraction.

How to calculate the percentage of a number with an example

To determine the percentage of a number follow these steps:

* Multiply the number by the percentage (ex. 87 * 68 = 5916)
* Divide the result by 100 (Move the decimal point two places to the left) (ex. 5916/100 = 59.16)

And voila! The number obtained is the percentage: 59.16%

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