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Examples of freedom


The freedom is a term sometimes ambiguous or even something that is sometimes given by successful very complex. Freedom is defined as the ability to think and act under properly conscious will. Freedom is sometimes limited by other beings or entities of the same nature as a slave to a slave in human terms or when a human being holds another being in captivity as a pet or domestic animal.

Freedom is not limited to physical actions , but also to ideals and wills. Sometimes laws restrict some liberties, freedoms that can cause damage and harm to other persons or entities of the same type. Likewise, certain types of freedoms are usually deprived of people or animals who have violated the law, such as depriving freedom of movement by imprisoning a person in a jail or house arrest.

Examples of freedom

  1. Freedom of transit through a country if you are a citizen of that country.
  2. Freedom of expression, which is the ability to express yourself without affecting other people.
  3. Freedom of the press, similar to freedom of expression but suggests that the media can express themselves freely.
  4. Animals that live in the wild without human intervention in their habitat.
  5. Prison freedom, when someone gets out of jail.
  6. Freedom of worship, that is, to decide which religion or cult you want to follow or belong to.
  7. Freedom of association
  8. Sovereignty of the countries. This allows a given country to make its own decisions without interference or mandates from third parties.
  9. Freedom of thought. It is the right that people have to express their thoughts and opinions freely, without affecting or belittling anyone.
  10. Freedom of association. It allows people to associate or group with the people they consider. This type of freedom is part of the civil, personal and political freedom of each individual.
  11. Free publication of a news event without coercion from an external agent.
  12. Free political expression
  13. Write or write news articles independently
  14. Free and public exhibition on a particular idea
  15. formation of unions or collegiate or worker organizations
  16. composition of environmental groups
  17. women’s struggle to defend their rights
  18. Independent election processes without coercion
  19. Dress style of a certain person
  20. The artistic manifestation in any of its presentations
  21. Access to health for free
  22. Free political opinion
  23. Freedom of opinion of a religious nature
  24. Free and independent attendance at public events
  25. Congregation of religious groups
  26. Address change
  27. Job change
  28. Beliefs in certain gods
  29. Constitution of workers’ assemblies
  30. Formation of student assemblies

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