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Examples of Foods of Mineral Origin

Consuming  foods of mineral origin is something necessary for our body. However, in recent years many of these products offer a very large deficiency of these minerals . Many people are unaware of this kind of food , but it is necessary to consume it. Now we have to talk to you about the  examples of foods of mineral origin so that you know better about the kind of products that you are consuming on a daily basis. We already talked to you about foods of plant and animal origin  , which are just as important as minerals.

To determine or classify these as  foods of mineral origin, they must be composed of at least 70% minerals. Besides that its production is natural. Each of these foods are very good for the body, from improving metabolism to strengthening bones. It is also proven that consuming  minerals is good for reducing the risk of heart disease .

Salts:  There is a great variety of salts that are used for the preparation of food, these can be fruits, vegetables, meats or others. This is what makes it one of the most consumed products. The main salts are: manganese salts, potassium salts, cobalt salts, table salt, sea salt, pink salt or black salt These are some of the best known.

Iron:  Some fruits and minerals have a great source of iron, providing great benefits for our body.

Potassium:  It can be found in a mineral, vegetable and animal way, this is also essential to keep us healthy.

Water:  The vital element for living beings, this is the main source of minerals there is.

Chlorine : It is a mineral of great importance since it intervenes in the correct functioning of various functions of the body

Example of foods of mineral origin
  1. Water
  2. Cadmium
  3. Zinc
  4. Chrome
  5. Iron
  6. Fluoridated salts
  7. Ascobate salts
  8. Calcium salts
  9. Magnesium salts
  10. Manganese salts
  11. Potassium salts
  12. Pink salt
  13. Black salt

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