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Examples of Foods Harmful for Children

Eating healthy and balanced will make you grow strong and smart! Totally accurate popular expression that should be extended and above all make the little ones understand it as they learn: the 10 examples of harmful foods for children and why it is important to acquire as a habit what they hear frequently but do not listen to Eating such a thing itself hurts you!

10 Examples of Foods Harmful for Children
  1. Energy drinks; They have large amounts of stimulant substances and caffeine. Children are innately active, energetic and of course they do not need more stimulation than that of their family. Why harm their body with processed chemicals in a drink? Zero of these drinks for them.
  2. Soft drinks (carbonated drinks); They are practically liquid sugar mixed with substances similar to those of the previous ones listed. Some are even proven to decalcify bones and teeth. No soda, remember everything is habit.
  3. Fast / junk food; hamburgers and hot dogs are not all bad if you prepare them at home and give them to children in moderation about one or two (maximum) times a week.
  4. Sweets ; sugar, sugar and more sugar with generally artificial colorants among other substances harmful to health, is what 99% of sweets are made of. Do you need another reason not to ingest / give them to your children?
  5. Industrial pastries and bagged popcorn; They are made with excess fats to extend their shelf life, sugar everywhere and generally their packaging contains substances as harmful as their content.  
  6. Breakfast cereals without other supplements; Only cereal and without taking into account that it should not be added more than a minimum amount of sugar is totally harmful. Breakfast is one of the most important meals, add fruits (bananas, strawberries) to the cereal to complement it or, in short, give them something more nutritious to start with, and you give the cereal as a dessert / reward for eating all that nutritional first meal that you you gave.
  7. Industrialized ice cream; one every week and not at all the size of your arms, it will make you happy and not harm your health. If you prepare them at home it is another thing and you can extend the weekly servings.
  8. Packaged drinks / juices; They contain sweeteners and chemicals that you should definitely not give them even from time to time.
  9. Sausages; they contain excess saturated fat and salt.
  10. Nuts before 6 years of age; Of all those on the list, these are the only ones that are totally healthy and recommended to eat, however, before the age of 6 you should not give them to them because they can produce nothing mild reactions and because they can choke on ingesting them.

Whether you are a mother or a child, realize that these 10 examples of harmful foods for children do not exist! (Except for nuts) Mentalize yourself that they are only an adornment in any place that you distinguish them, and who you see will consume them; they presume they do it because they are not aware of what they are introducing to their body and the damage they are causing to themselves.

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