Examples of Flying Dinosaurs

Everything about flying dinosaurs is amazing, compared to other species, which can even be larger and more mysterious. It is one of the species that has cost the most to study and agree with scientists, many times because the archaeological findings are not concrete and the information is not clear. But this time, we will introduce you to some examples of flying dinosaurs that may surprise you.

Types of flying dinosaurs

The flying dinosaurs are characterized by different shapes and sizes, even some were very small, like sparrows we know today, while others were very large where the wings of these could be the size of a large bus. Next, we will introduce you to some of them:

Pterodactylus dinosaurs : it was one of the first flying dinosaurs found, until today there are 27 times that this amazing animal has been found, 20 of them on the coasts of Australia. Its size is approximately 0.91 meters and it weighs about 0.91-4.54 kilograms.

Scaphognathus dinosaurs : this was one of the species that inhabited the earth 150 million years ago. After several studies it became known that this flying dinosaur inhabited much of Europe. Its size is approximately 0.91 meters and it has an approximate weight of 0.91 kilograms.

Pteranodon dinosaurs : it was undoubtedly one of the largest flying species that inhabited the earth, some studies revealed that this bird could fly at a speed of approximately 48 kilometers per hour. Its size exceeded 1.83 meters and weighed approximately 3.6 kilograms.

Preondactylus dinosaurs : due to its small size, this flying dinosaur was a problem to be able to identify it, since its size did not exceed that of a current pigeon.

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