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Examples of Flexibility Exercises

Leading a healthy and active life is very important. When we exercise , we know that we find a series of routines that can help us to be in good physical condition and lead a healthy life, something important to point out is  flexibility.

Surely you know if you are flexible or not, but the most appropriate thing to keep in mind is that there are exercises that require prior warm-up and among them is a routine of flexibility exercises that will allow you not to have injuries. Do you want to know more? We have these  examples for you to start using these routines.

Example of flexibility exercises

  1. Shoulder and chest stretch  You have to move trying to carefully stretch each of your joints, but always trying to do it as far as you feel it is possible.
  2. Flexibility in the arms:  Raising the arms together with a movement of the neck from one side to the other, is very good to improve our flexibility.
  3. The bridge:  It is a yoga posture and stretches the spine, chest, neck and shoulders. Face up on the floor with your knees bent. Raise your pelvis and torso up to your shoulders. Stretch your shoulders down so they are flat on the ground. Gaze at the ceiling and arms outstretched and leaning on the floor.
  4. Sitting: Straighten the right leg and bend the left, bringing the foot towards the groin. Keep your balance. Lean your body forward to try to touch your toes. Switch legs.
  5. Feet flexibility: Trying to lift our toes on tips for a few seconds will allow you to find more flexibility from the first month.
  6. Thighs and hips:  Lying face down. Bend one leg and catch the foot with the hand on the same side. Pull it as far as you can without letting your thigh lift off the ground. Change legs.
  7. Sofa lunge:  One leg comes forward, as in normal lunges, with the knee at 90 degrees and the other is stretched back, but supported on a sofa or chair. It is difficult to maintain the position. Hold on and switch sides.

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