Examples of Financial Independence

Financial independence is a concept coined by Robert Kiyosaki in his 1997 bestseller : Rich Dad, Poor Dad . However, it is currently used to define an economic situation in which it is no longer necessary to work daily to earn an income. In other words, people who have achieved financial independence have worked long enough to now live off the royalties or passive income from their business.

Especially people with their own successful businesses are the ones who could achieve financial independence the fastest. But it is also experienced by professional freelancers who have managed to have good clients or excellent sales of the products or services it offers, using only their talents.

For example, a case of financial independence in people who achieved it using only their knowledge, is that of a software developer who creates a social network with a lot of potential, but who is not interested in having it as a business. This person sells that code to a large interested company and negotiates a good sum of money for it. If you invest that money in stocks of successful companies or promising startups , you could soon be able to live off the profits.

Examples of financial independence

  1. Being a shareholder in several companies that bill a lot of money per year.
  2. Have a self-sustaining web business that leaves you monthly profits.
  3. Have a business and leave it in the hands of other people, only receiving your profits.
  4. Create a mobile App that gives you monthly earnings thanks to premium user subscriptions.
  5. Sell ​​courses in PDF formats or videos previously recorded on your own website or that of third parties.
  6. Create a marketing agency and get to a point where you just talk to prospects, but the employees do all the heavy lifting.

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