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Examples of Films Directed by Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a famous American actor, producer, screenwriter and director. Born in 1963, he is known above all for this last activity, although the BAFTA, Oscar, Palme d’Or and Golden Globe awards that he has received have been won as a screenwriter.

The following are the films Tarantino has directed:

“Reservoir Dogs”
“Pulp Fiction”
“Four Rooms” (Director of the fourth chapter)
“Jackie Brown”
“Kill Bill. Volume 1 “
” Kill Bill. Volume 2 “
” Sin City “(Guest Director)
” Inglourious Basterds “
” Django Unchained “
” The Hateful Eight “

He has also directed episodes of series such as “Emergency” (chapter 24 “Maternity”) or “CSI” (Chapter 115 “Sepulchral Danger 1” and Chapter 116 “Sepulchral Danger 2”) and the short film “My Best Friend’s Birthday”.

The films that Tarantino directed usually have some common features. The one that is perhaps the most characteristic is how violent they tend to be and how little they are inhibited when it comes to showing us liters and liters of blood. The fact that Tarantino’s films are so violent is because the director believes that in this way he connects better with the public.

We could also mention some other common characteristics such as the shots that feature female feet, an abundance of low angle shots, the appearance in all feature films of a brand of tobacco invented by Tarantino himself, the non-linear structure they have, etc.

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