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Examples of Feelings


A feeling is a state of mind that originates due to the effects of certain causes, these can be happy and joyful, or sad and painful. The feeling is produced by reason of an emotion that allows the subject to be aware of their state of mind.

Feelings are linked to brain dynamics and determine how a person’s reaction to different events. It is based on the impulses of sensitivity directed towards what is imagined as positive or negative.

In another vein, feelings are conceptualized emotions that establish the state of mind. When such spirits are healthy, there is a possibility of achieving happiness and it makes the brain dynamics work normally. However, in the opposite case to this, an emotional imbalance is experienced which can be the result of disorders such as depression. Emotions are usually fleeting, but they cause feelings that will live on for the long term.

The feelings are classified into:

    • Positive: when good works originate.
    • Negative: if they create bad actions.
It is commonly recommended to fight against the latter, to achieve inner peace. Bad or good, however, both sides are related with respect to the impossibility of being transmitted accurately.

This division of feelings according to the parameter of morals and ethics tends to be very unstable, because it is modified considerably depending on the eyes that observe it. The dispute to understand good and evil is surely the most antiquated legacy that we maintain as a species; Nobody in use of all their faculties would publicly admit that they do harm to others, just as few people would be deprived of expressing that they help those most in need.

List of feelings

Positive feelings

  • Happiness: it is an emotion of a primary nature that is taken as a feeling of absolute satisfaction, it originates from another emotion and causes great affection towards the environment that surrounds us.
  • Love: love is a feeling directed towards a person or thing, and in turn the desire arises for that person or thing to have everything they want to have, this feeling brings out the purest of ourselves.
  • Euphoria: it is the maximum expression coming from joy, which brings with it a notable increase in energy and makes us observe life in a positive way.
  • Hope: having the faith to achieve what we want.
  • Motivation: reaction of energy and enthusiasm to an action.
  • Passion: feeling that is strongly related to love and is present in the sexual sphere.
  • Fun: focusing our full attention on an action that is pleasant to us and provides us with deep well-being.
  • Satisfaction: this feeling arises after the accomplishment of something well done that causes security and confidence about ourselves.
  • Enthusiasm: occurs before the motivation of an event.

Negative feelings

  • Anger : feeling of disgust towards a situation or someone.
  • Fear: anguish due to the perception of a danger that may turn out to be imagined or real.
  • Frustration: arises from the difficulty of doing what you want.
  • Shame: disgust in the face of a fact in which the person is humiliated for making a fool of himself or in anticipation of fear.
  • Indignation: disgust at considering an action as unfair.
  • Stress : overwhelmed by having the feeling of being overcome by certain circumstances.

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