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Examples of famous sculptures in the world

This time we want to share some examples of famous sculptures in the world. They are sculptures created by artists whose motivations responded to their cultural influences during that time and due to their beauty and the impact it generates on society, they are considered very famous.

5 Examples of Famous Sculptures


Possibly one of the most famous sculpture examples in the world. It is a white marble sculpture that has a height of 5.17 meters and a weight of 5572 kilos in mass.


It was created by Michelangelo Buonarroti between 1501 and 1504 , representing the King David Bible , just in time prior to his battle with Goliath. The sculpture is in the Gallery of the Academy of Florence.

The Thinker

This is also one of the most important sculptures in the world, created by the French sculptor Augurstine Rodin between the years 1881 and 1882.The Thinker

The purpose of this sculpture was to decorate the tympanum of the Gate of Hell . Originally the sculpture was called “The Poet” , since it represented Dante Alighiere . The sculpture is made of bronze, measures 183.5 cm x 97 cm and is located in Paris, France.

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Also known as Nike of Samothrace, this is a sculpture that is currently in the Louvre Museum in Paris.Winged Victory of Samothrace

The sculpture represents the Greek goddess of victory “Nike”, it is made of marble and is believed to have been made during 190 BC, but it was not discovered until 1863, precisely on the island of Samothrace .

Nefertiti bust

In this case it is a polychrome sculpture, which is considered one of the most important works of art in Egyptian art . The piece was made by the royal sculptor Tutmose , who was known as a craftsman and master sculptor at the time Akhenaten ruled Nefertiti bustThis sculpture was discovered in 1912 during one of the Orient-Gesellchanft excavations and represents Queen Nefertiti , who belonged to the 18th dynasty of Egypt . Today this sculpture is in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Abraham Lincoln sculpture

This is a sculpture that is inside the Lincoln Memorial , which is located in Washington DC, in the United States. The sculpture represents Lincoln seated, it is 6 meters high and 6 meters wide.

Abraham Lincoln sculptureIt was created by Daniel Chester French , an American sculptor who showed the president in a thoughtful way. It is worth mentioning that this statue was molded by the Piccirilli brothers using 28 blocks of marble.

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