Examples of famous phrases to congratulate Christmas

Examples of phrases said by well-known people to congratulate your loved ones

on Christmas : I will honor Christmas in my heart and I will try to keep it throughout the year (Charles Dickens)

Better than all the gifts under the Christmas tree is the presence of a family happy.

Even if other things are lost over the years, let’s keep Christmas bright…. Let’s go back to our childish faith. (Grace Noll Crowell)

Christmas! The very word fills our hearts with joy. No matter how much we fear the rush, the Christmas gift lists and the congratulations that we have left to do. When Christmas Day comes, we feel the same warmth that we felt when we were children, the same warmth that envelops our hearts and our homes. (Joan
Winmill Brown)

I wish we could put the Christmas spirit in jugs and open a jug every month of the year (Harlan Miller)

Christmas ….. is not an event, but a part of your home that you always carry in your home. heart (Freya Stark)

Until one feels the true joy of Christmas, it does not exist.
Everything else is appearance, many adornments. Because it is not the ornaments, it is not the snow. It is not the tree, nor the chimney. Christmas is the warmth that returns to people’s hearts, the generosity to share it with others and the hope to move on.

There is no ideal Christmas, only the Christmas that you decide to create as a reflection of your values, wishes, loves and traditions. (Bill McKibben)

Blessed be the date that unites everyone in a conspiracy of love. (Hamilton Wright Mabi)

Perhaps the best Christmas ornament is a big smile If you don’t know what to give your loved ones at Christmas, give them your love.

What is christmas? It is the tenderness of the past, the value of the present and the hope of the future. It is the sincere wish that each cup overflows with rich and eternal blessings, and that each path leads us to peace. (Agnes M. Pharo)

Merry, merry Christmas, the one that reminds us of the illusions of our childhood, reminds grandfather of the joys of his youth, and transports the traveler to his fireplace and sweet home! (Charles Dickens)

comes every year and come for ever. And with Christmas come memories and customs. Those humble everyday memories that all mothers cling to. Like the Virgin Mary, in the secret corners of your heart. (Marjorie Holmes)

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