Family and Relationships

Examples of Family Types

The family is a group of people who are related by some kind of kinship both by blood ties and by marriage.

Below these lines are the names of, if not all of them, of some types of family that it is possible to differentiate:

family Extended
family Single-parent
family Assembled
family Homoparental
family Family of separated parents

The nuclear family is one that consists of only by the parents and the child or children. The extensive includes the aforementioned three figures plus others such as grandparents, uncles, brothers-in-law, etc. In short, the family Extensive can be composed of other types of kinship ties, both blood and marriage, apart from that of parents and children. The single-parent family is made up of one of the parents and a child or children. The assembly is made up of a couple who, before joining, each had their children. The family s of separated parents can be understood as a kind of familysingle parent. The former include those parents who have broken their marriage and live alone with their children; in the latter are the fathers or mothers who live with their children, but for more reasons than the one mentioned. Among the latter may be reasons such as that one of the parents has died or lives abroad. Finally, we can find the homoparental family that is made up of homosexual couples who have a child or children.

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