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Examples of exteriority

Social regulations arise from the need to live in society and vary according to the culture where one lives and according to the stages of formation of the individual, an educated conscience about morality, differentiating good from evil and how to act in front of others indicates that if you are aware of the external, we will give examples of exteriority so that it is easy to understand this topic.

In daily action we do many activities by mere repetition, although we know what we are doing, we are not aware of it, of the external, until self-consciousness arises and there we become aware of the external, of the consciousness of exteriority.

Examples of exteriority focused on external consciousness

  1. You have gotten up a little late and you go out in a hurry to do your day-to-day tasks without taking any food, you have forgotten to eat something (external consciousness), after several distractions and the daily task you have a feeling of hunger (self-consciousness).
  2. You wear your watch, you have put it on because you always do it before going out, you know that you can see the time through it (external consciousness) but it is not until you see it that you realize the real time (self-consciousness).
  3. You are in a movie theater watching a movie, you know that there are people sitting very close (external consciousness) but still your focus is on the screen to continue watching the movie , it is not until the lights turn on that you realize people around (self-awareness).
  4. While you are driving you turn on the radio, you continue for several kilometers and you pass some traffic lights, you see traffic signs and people walking (external consciousness), only if a song you hate is playing on the radio or the traffic light is red and you have to stop the car. self-aware of it.
  5. You are in a meeting between friends and you have a bowl of popcorn in front of you, you know that they are there because they have invited you to eat some (external consciousness), while you chat with others and your attention is fixed on the people who are next to You, your hand goes several times to the bowl, after a while and only until you look at the bowl in question, you realize how much you have eaten (self-awareness).
  6. Inside a classroom there is an air conditioner in operation that makes some very constant noise and many people speak at the same time, something that does not seem to matter to those present (external consciousness) it is not until they are silent that the noise of the air conditioning becomes bothersome (self-awareness)
  7. A teenager has arranged to meet his parents to arrive before midnight from a party, and it is his intention to comply with this (external consciousness) but he enjoys being at that party so much that time passes until 3 in the morning, it is not until who looks at the clock that is aware of that (self-awareness).
  8. You go out and leave your mobile at home , it is something that you do not usually forget, so your external consciousness makes you think that you carry it with you, until you want to make a call and you realize that you have left it (self-awareness).

Examples of exteriority according to emotions

The external expression of some  emotions will require more effort, depending on whether or not you control them, giving a hug, showing gratitude or being nice are emotions that are in the external environment that others can perceive, for example:

  1. Feel sorry or sad
  2. Erupt in anger or rage
  3. Show desire for someone
  4. Express love
  5. Be afraid
  6. Talk about depression
  7. Jealousy for a particular situation and showing it
  8. Selfishness
  9. Panic
  10. Feel joy and let others notice

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