Examples of expressive plural

In the Spanish language, there is a type of plural that is called expressive plural . This does not denote quantity but intensity to express something. Likewise, the expressive plural indicates respect and tries to shorten the distance between who says something and who receives that message.

For instance; ” Good morning ” is an expressive plural since, although it refers to the greeting of a particular day, it is expressed in the plural to highlight the intensity of the issuer with respect to the greeting. In other words, it implies that the sender of the message is expressing with greater intensity a greeting towards the receiver of the same.

This type of plural is not common in other languages ​​so clarification is essential. Thus, in the English language, ” Good Morning “, in German ” Gutten Morgen “, in French ” Bonjour ” or in Italian ” Buongiorno ” this greeting is expressed in the singular.

Uses of the expressive plural

The expressive plural can be used in both verbal (oral) and written language; both formal and informal. However, not all written texts of a formal type admit any type of expressive plural .

Use of the expressive plural in colloquial phrases

It is also possible to identify the use of the expressive plural in colloquial phrases when, for example, reference is made to the ” golden wedding ” being that it is a single wedding; ” The World Cups “, when it refers to a single World Cup; ” The Olympics ” when you are talking about one in particular. In the financial sphere, it is common to speak of ” markets “, ” savings “, ” external economies ” among many others. In addition, the use of this plural is common in texts of a subjective descriptive type . For example: ” The waters of the river were rising .”

However, the expressive plural is not always used ; in sporting events or entertainment, for example, it is spoken in a singular way.

15 Examples of expressive plural

  1. congratulations
  2. Happy Holidays
  3. My condolences
  4. My greetings
  5. Greetings
  6. Thanks
  7. Thank you
  8. Happy Easter
  9. Hugs and kisses
  10. My best wishes
  11. Good Morning
  12. Buenas tardes
  13. Good evening
  14. Millions of thanks
  15. Happy Holidays

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