Examples of expository text

Expositive text

To speak of expository text is to refer to specific and objective information, without the need to involve the opinion or argument of the author of the text.

They are called expository since their purpose is nothing more than to expose a certain point to the reader.

An expository text consists of three parts:

    • Introduction or approach to the topic.
    • Development , where the main points and ideas of the text and
    • Conclusion that is nothing more than the synthesis and completion of the text.
There is a diversity of scientific texts , among which we can mention:
  • Journalistic
  • Historical
  • Scientists
  • Schoolchildren
  • Politicians
  • Pharmacists,

Among its main characteristics we can find:

  • Explain and report on a specific topic.
  • The topic chosen to present is a specific and determined topic.
  • To expose the subject they exemplify, expose, quote, describe, etc.
  • It has a formal and neutral language in accordance with the topic to be discussed.
  • Its writing is done in the third person.
  • The verbs used in the text are in the present tense.
  • The way to use in writing is the impersonal one.

Expository text examples

1. Scientist

“A quasar or quasar is an astronomical source of energies of an electromagnetic order, including radio frequencies and visible light. Its name is an acronym for “Quasi-stellar radio source” in English.

2. Journalistic

«During the afternoon hours of yesterday a strong fire broke out in the town. Its extension reached more than 100 hectares. Although it was thought that one could go further because of the strong winds, it did not reach more than a few meters from the nearest town. More than 500 families were evacuated from the sector and housed in collection centers. “

3. Historical

“Excerpt from the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

Born Napoleone di Buonaparte (Nabolione or Nabulione in Corsican), only one year after France bought the island of Corsica from the Republic of Genoa, Napoleone, years later, changed his name to the French Napoléon Bonaparte. The oldest record of this name appears in an official report dated March 28, 1796.

His family was part of the local nobility. His father, Carlo Buonaparte, a lawyer, was appointed in 1778 as representative of Corsica at the court of Louis XVI, where he remained for several years, so his mother, María Letizia Ramolino, was the fundamental figure of his childhood. “

4. Bibliographic review

“Gabriel Payares (London, 1982). Venezuelan writer, Bachelor of Arts and Master in Latin American Literature, as well as Creative Writing. He is the author of three books of stories: When the waters fell (Monte Ávila Editores, 2008), Hotel (PuntoCero Ediciones, 2012) and Lo irreparable (PuntoCero Ediciones, 2016). He has been awarded nationally and internationally as a short story writer and currently resides in Buenos Aires “

5. Information brochures

“How can we avoid dengue?

The best way to combat dengue, chikungunya fever and the Zika virus is by preventing the reproduction of mosquitoes that transmit the disease, Aedes aegypti or “white feet”, eliminating wastewater and containers in which rain can stagnate. , since the insect requires immobile water for the growth of its larvae ”.

6. Schoolchildren

“Biology I – Sequence 16

Do they feed on light or other organisms?

If you look closely at the vegetation growing in swampy areas, you can see some unsuspecting insects being trapped by a series of ‘harmless’ plants. These plants are called ‘carnivorous’ although in reality they should be called insectivorous plants (…) ”

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