Examples of Exemplary Citizens

Model citizen

An exemplary citizen or good citizen is a person who exercises his or her citizenship efficiently.

He is the person who is in charge of meeting and fighting to enforce social standards for good living.

To be an exemplary citizen, not only must you comply with the social guidelines for good living, you must also work, do a little more to get other people to comply and join the cause of good social living.


  • Must have identity . It is nothing more than the identification of the place where you live, the land you walk on, the history and the culture.
  • You must be informed about current news and events that you need to nurture and learn.
  • You must have the ability to analyze and draw your own conclusions, this is known as critical thinking.
  • It has an active participation , both in the community and in the environment where it takes place.
  • Your ethics must precede the good citizen. Your help to others should be your banner.
  • Respect for other human beings, animals and the environment in every way.
  • It must respect and fight to ensure respect for human rights.
  • The cooperation with other companies or individuals to join a good cause.
  • Fight against violence in all aspects

Examples of exemplary citizens

  1. Mahatma Gandhi. He fought for the independence of India peacefully.
  2. Mother Teresa. He dedicated his life to those most in need.
  3. Nelson Mandela. He fought for racial equality.
  4. Martin Luther King. He fought for racial equality and for the defense of the rights of people of color in his country.
  5. Claudia Paz. He promoted the fight against impunity in his country.
  6. Jack Andraka. He discovered how to diagnose cancer early.
  7. Xu Zhiyong. He promoted the fight against corruption.
  8. Cécile Kyenge. Fight against xenophobia.
  9. Tasso Azevedo. Fight for the Brazilian Amazon.
  10. Haifaa al Mansour. Work and fight for gender inclusion.

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