Examples of exam B2

Exam B2

It is an exam that qualifies the degree or level of English that one has. This exam is carried out by the Cambridge English Language Assessment, being recognized as the main organization in the world that is in charge of qualifying this language study.

Each language and each level has a specific exam. In this case, the B2 is known as first or First Certificate in English (better known by its acronym FCE).

Through this exam, various qualities and skills developed in the language or language are evaluated , of which we can highlight:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Use of English

The last three points are evaluated in a single day and the evaluation for Speaking can be set either a week before or a week later, and can last during the response period, up to three and a half hours.

The topics used in the preparation and presentation of this evaluation are diverse , without being able to determine a specific one. This in order for the fluidity of communication to be complete in various areas, both personal and public.

Qualification required to obtain certification

Currently many Spanish-speaking universities certify and work in conjunction with the first ; Even many companies accept and recognize B2 as a certificate in the workplace , giving a bonus to the worker who presents it.

It is also accepted when processing immigration paperwork in many countries in the world. It is important to note that in order to pass this exam you need at least a score of 60%. If you fail to obtain this score, if not you get less than this percentage, they give you a B1 certificate .

It should be noted that, if your score is 90% or more, you are awarded the C1 certificate . Due to its division into both parts, you can choose how many and which questions to answer in order to achieve a certain score.

Examples of the B2 exam

  1. b2 listening exam
  2. b2 speaking exam
  3. b2 reading exam
  4. b2 reading exam
  5. b2 listening exam

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