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Examples of Ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism is defined as the process of judging another culture exclusively from one’s own perspective. When people are theocentric they always spend their time making comparisons of their cultures with others, especially in regard to their religion, customs, language, norms.

Although ethnocentrism is something natural for people, it usually always has a negative connotation, since many times it ends up harming other people since ethnocentrism makes the people who practice it vain, proud and resentful, which is why they are capable of hurting other people without any remorse.

5 Examples of Ethnocentrism

  1. The Nazi genocide: this is a dark part since it was the most inhumane genocide that was carried out by Germany. Where a number of Jews died because they were considered a race that was not worthy to live in European territory. They don’t care about the large number of innocent children.
  2. The discovery of America: This was a fact of ethnocentrism carried by the Spaniards, since at that time the Spaniards were in charge of civilizing and cultivating the aborigines by teaching them their customs.
  3. When the black race is discriminated: these people of color were discriminated against for years by the customs of North America, making these people suffer and mistreating them without having any resentment. For years civil rights have been violated.
  4. In some countries they use the cow as food and in the Hindu religion and Indian culture the cow is a sacred animal.
  5. For many people of the same sex raising a child is disgusting, while for other cultures it is completely normal.
  6. In several countries they reject the people of India for having the customs of living with dogs and cats as if they were people.

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