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Examples of ethics


Ethics is an important part of the integrity of people, it focuses on the study of morals and human behavior and the set of rules that determine behavior in order for it to be correct. In this sense we can say that ethics is the integration of a series of rules of good conduct, defining itself in the same way as the science of moral behavior.

It is important to note that ethics is not the same as morality since the latter is based on following cultural norms , customs and commandments, and can be hierarchical and also religious and, on the contrary, ethics aims to determine the way of life based on human thought.

Ethics is not something coercive since not following them as such does not represent the imposition of penalties at the legal level and in turn ethics serves as a support for the correct application of legal norms in a state of law. Ethics is divided into various types such as normative ethics, applied ethics and ethics of the professions.

Examples of ethics

  1. A referee rejects a bribe to favor a team
  2. A traffic policeman refuses to receive money in exchange for not fining an offender
  3. An accountant who does not take action with his clients to evade taxes
  4. See a person on the street who drops his wallet, return it to whoever owns it
  5. Tell the truth
  6. Do not cheat to gain an advantage or harm others
  7. Respect the opinion of others
  8. Be charitable and benevolent
  9. Accept others as they are
  10. Being compassionate in the face of other people’s pain
  11. Treat others kindly
  12. Be fair at the time of the deal as well as understand that we are all the same
  13. Do not seek to take advantage of other people’s situations
  14. Be fair
  15. Be sincere and honest with yourself and with the environment

Characteristics of ethics

Among its main characteristics we can mention:

  • Helps to discern between good and evil
  • These are principles that determine the conduct of a person
  • Varies according to the individual and the situation presented to them
  • It is applicable to business
  • They are abstract since they depend on the context in which it is handled

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