Examples of Ethical Values

It is a behavior guide that is responsible for keeping men’s behavior in control. These values ​​are acquired over time through the individual development of the human being through experience with their family environment, circle of friends, school space, university, workplace, among others.

Ethical values ​​are responsible for determining the behavior and personality of an individual , defining it against the social environment where it is. In this sense, as a consequence of the behavior it shows, a positive or negative image of it will be created , as well as the feelings , interests or convictions that it has.

That is why ethical values are of utmost importance in society, because it regulates and controls relationships and the social environment, thus avoiding chaos and difficult coexistence, always in favor of the well-being of the community and society. usually.

Examples of Ethical Values

  1. Acceptance:   Understanding and having tolerance about things that happen is a virtue and at the same time it is an excellent way to make it an ethical value.
  2. Punctuality:  respect and patience for the time of others.
  3. Honesty:  A person who does not abuse, if he finds something that is not his or her, returns it. This is one of the most important things to consider and a subject where truth is shown as well as sincerity in the face of things.
  4. Freedom: conviction of the right of others to respect and assert their ideas and opinions
  5. Tolerance:  patience in the face of other people’s opinions and thoughts.
  6. Autonomy:  People who have the moral, responsibility and desire to do things without depending on anyone else.
  7. Respect:  This is an indispensable value that must be shared with all people. If there is no respect, you will hardly find a pleasant environment.
  8. Equity : equality
  9. Loyalty: personal conviction regarding another or other people who handle the same ideal or point of view, without affecting others.
  10. Justice:  Being an equitable person and giving what each person deserves is what stands out from justice. This is one of the main ethical values.
  11. Honesty: the ability to be honest without being offensive to other people.

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