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Examples of Ethical Dilemmas

The ethical dilemmas are situations involving conflict internal, where the person in question is in question, according to their ethical and moral , what is right or wrong.

The dilemma is whether a situation can be resolved even if this entails the lack of one’s own ethics and moral values . The moral aspect can not tolerate the actions that are to be taken, since there are other ways in which the person can act without breaking their principles.

In any area of ​​life, ethical dilemmas have different alternatives to be solved , however, each of the options will tend to favor a different principle , this means that by doing so, other principles or moral values ​​of other people will be affected. negatively.

In this sense, it can be said that no matter what the person’s choice is in their way of acting, there will always be a part affected to a greater or lesser degree depending on the situation.

10 Examples of Ethical Dilemmas

  1. In the case of Robin Hood or similar cases, if someone sees a person steal but does it to help other people in need, there is the dilemma of being silent or of accusing him before the authorities.
  2. A doctor in the emergency room with a patient who has no hope of survival and is connected to machines but in a coma, is suffering and the relatives do not know what decision to make, the doctor is in a dilemma at the option of continuing to wait or suggest that the family let their relative go.
  3. A similar case is euthanasia, a very controversial issue, a doctor can know and be certain that a person no longer has time to live and that person asks for help to anticipate his death in an assisted way, the doctor’s morale and his principles are seen in a great conflict that can even cost him his freedom according to the decision to be made.
  4. A person who sees his son drowning in the sea but a few meters away there is also a young man in the same situation, he knows that he will not let his son die, but he does not want the other person to lose his life, then a very serious dilemma arises .
  5. When your wife is very ill and doesn’t have enough money for her medicine, just thinking that she might die if you don’t get it, would it be acceptable for you to go to the pharmacy and steal the medicine?
  6. Finding out that your best friend’s partner is cheating on you just before their wedding. The dilemma of whether to tell them or not is created.
  7. Saving to buy an object that will improve your way of working and your family’s income, but a relative has had a moderately serious problem, would you lend him the money?
  8. Decide whether to study at a university that is close to home or a much better one, but further away for which you will have to move.
  9. Buy you the car of your dreams or buy a bigger one, adapted to your family.
  10. Finding out that an innocent person has been imprisoned, but you know who the culprit is, however, the latter could retaliate against you if he finds out that you have turned them upside down.

Types of Ethical Dilemmas

Some of the main types of ethical dilemmas are as follows:

  • Hypothetical dilemma: it is a dilemma that places the person being confronted in a situation that is difficult to happen in real life.
  • Real dilemma: in this case the dilemma raised about a topic or a situation that has been real, that is, that the person has lived it.
  • Open dilemma: they are those that are presented in an open situation, that is, where the person involved has not taken any action to solve it.
  • Closed dilemma: it is one where the situation has already been solved in a concrete way.

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