Examples of Escape Room Riddles

An escape room is a game that consists of applying strategies and certain knowledge to, as the name implies, escape from a room that is full of hidden tools and answers. The challenge is taken by two and up to five people and they must leave the confinement in a maximum of 60 minutes, to do so they must solve puzzles and all kinds of tests.

The conundrums of escape room are a type of widely used enigmas in this fun challenge. They consist of a type of dialogue that challenges the interlocutor to decipher the answer after the use of metaphors or another type of figure with the intention of confusing the person in question.

It is necessary that the person who receives the riddle has sufficient mental agility to find the answer in a reasonable time.

Examples of riddles from Escape Room

  • The man in a bar. A subject walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The waiter ignores his order, but points it with his shotgun. The man thanked him and left, what really happens?
  • The man in an elevator. A man lives on the tenth floor, and since he does not like to climb using the stairs, he always takes the elevator to go to do his activities. When he wants to go home again, the subject takes the elevator to the seventh floor and the rest take the stairs. However, when it rains, he does go up to his apartment by elevator. Why will it be?
  • The last party. A man drinks punch from a container like everyone else, but the next day he is the only one who survives from the massive poisoning suffered by all who drank of that drink.
  • The Egyptians. Cleopatra and Antonio appear dead, but there are no logical traces of the origin of their death. There is only a broken container near the bodies, how did they die?

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