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Examples of equality


Equality is a fairly broad term applied in a wide variety of fields, but it can be defined in a general way as two or more entities that are identical or represent the same object and share the same characteristics or rights depending on the approach. without any distinction.

In the case of the branch of sociology, it can be seen from the point of view of animal or biometric social equality . In the case of social equality, it refers to the fact that all people have the same opportunities or rights under the same conditions or situations depending on the rule of law where they reside.

For example, people in certain countries must have the same conditions regardless of their classes or social strata, while in other countries only people who belong to a specific social group or social stratum enjoy the same conditions.

Examples of equality

  1. In a country or democratic rule of law, all citizens have the right to vote for their representatives.
  2. All students in a school group have equal opportunities to participate and achieve the highest grade.
  3. All the inhabitants of a small community have an equal opportunity to express their complaints and opinions.
  4. In a country with a trade letter, all sellers or bidders can offer their products or services equally and fairly.
  5. All workers in a plant or commercial department have the same benefits and rights.
  6. Everyone has the right to express their opinion and concerns.
  7. All people are entitled to the same opportunities regardless of age, sex, religion or age.
  8. Anyone who studies and feels sufficiently prepared can qualify for a place at the university.
  9. White and dark skinned people are treated equally
  10. All students alike have the right to their break time to eat
  11. All the workers of a company, in each of their shifts, have 1 hour to have lunch
  12. Right to free and public health
  13. Right to vote
  14. Free access to justice
  15. Right to education
  16. Right to freedom of expression
  17. That people of different types of beliefs can work freely and without discrimination
  18. That people of color can have the same rights and benefits as people with fair skin. Previously in some countries, this was prohibited.
  19. When women are treated the same as men.
  20. The right to equal vote won by women in free elections

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