Examples of Environmental Services

The care and preservation of the environment is a matter of care and responsibility. As the years have passed, different services have emerged that take care of the planet. The  environmental services and  natural services are resources that we are to help the environment. The preservation of nature is its objective and always looking for a common good for a locality as well as society in general. Today we have some  examples of environmental services  that exist.

Examples of environmental services

Many people purchase these services to preserve their home, office or establishment, without affecting the environment.

Water control:  There are institutions that are in charge of water supply in different countries. Each of them have different systems to maintain the care of the water. They come to be in charge of the care of rivers, basins, lakes, among others, favoring their continuous flow.

Pest control : Yesterday we were talking about  insects , one of the main problems is the appearance of pests in urban areas. From institutions to private agencies they are in charge of pest control of a community or home.

Pollination:  They focus on the production of fruits and all based on a fertilization that at the same time resorts to transport it in different animal species.

Protection of biodiversity:  The care for ecology is increasing and that is why many governmental and private institutions have grown a lot in search of the preservation of the environment.

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