15 Examples of Entrepreneurship

It is known as entrepreneurship  at the beginning of a project that is normally linked to the workplace, such as a business or an independent way of obtaining economic income. Generally, projects start from some talent possessed by the person who undertakes, so the greatest resource is knowledge, for example, knowing how to sew and start making clothes and selling them from social networks, or being a graphic designer and creating a “virtual studio »Together with some friends to attend customer requests. People who venture to create these projects are known as entrepreneurs .

An undertaking differs from the formation of a company in that the first is done at all risk and with the resources that are at hand, while creating a company requires more formalities and market studies, costs, etc. So that, from entrepreneurship, the bases for the creation of a company can be detached, but a project of that nature does not necessarily end up being a company.

Examples of entrepreneurship

Thanks to the digital world, the concept of entrepreneurship has been growing and is closely linked to digital businesses, such as community management, graphic design, virtual consulting, etc.

  • A blog . Many people create a blog to earn money from info products or advertising.
  • Infoproducts . Sell ​​courses online, through videos or PDF.
  • On-line shop. If you create your own products or you can be a reseller, you could create a virtual store (via web or social networks) to market such items.
  • Event organizer . Many people have talents to organize and execute tasks in the best way. The parties and celebrations never end, so there will be a lot of potential.
  • Bake sale. Either from a commercial premises or by orders and from home, selling cakes for birthdays or any other occasion is a good business.

Other examples

  • Make artisan popsicles.
  • Teach dance.
  • Teach a language.
  • Create advertising videos.
  • Create Prezi presentations for thesis students.
  • Rent room for events.
  • Organize weddings.
  • Create strategies for social networks and bring profiles to companies.
  • Create and sell balloon and flower arrangements.
  • Design and sell clothes.
  • Be a business consultant
  • Design the interior of business or commercial spaces.
  • Advise and create menu for restaurants, if you are a professional cook.
  • Offer professional photography service.
  • Start a hardware and software service business.

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