Examples of empty set

The empty set is a term that has been used in mathematics since the late twentieth century and refers to a set that has no elements. Its symbol is the following: Ø . It derives from Danish and Norwegian languages ​​and graphically indicates the negativity of the elements of the set. Then, the empty set is one that does not have elements of any kind.

It is correct to speak of “the empty set” and not of “an empty set” since, what determines a set are its elements and the lack of these indicates that it should be referred to using a definite article (“the” ) and not an indefinite one (“a”).

Likewise, one that has absurd or unreal questions is designated as an empty set . However, within the set (even if it is empty) it is considered. For example: a set of immortal men (where of course, all men are mortal). Then, it could be indicated that “every man (in ∅) is immortal” or “there is no mortal man in ∅”. Thus, although it is not real that men are immortal, they are within the empty set ∅.

25 Empty Set Examples

  • Men who live on Mars
  • Fish that go to work
  • Flying frogs
  • Talking dogs
  • Children who live on the Moon
  • The intersection of the lines x and x 1 (as every line never joins the other and cannot have an intersection between the two).
  • Barking cats
  • Dogs that meow
  • Canadians born in Jamaica (if they were born in Jamaica they can never be Canadian)
  • Lakes in the air
  • Live rocks
  • Superheros
  • Starfish in the sky
  • Live fish (since the term is used to designate lifeless fish)
  • Talking bears
  • Immortal men
  • People with 5 feet
  • Elephants with wings
  • Giant people
  • Flying submarines
  • Aircraft traveling under water
  • Humans with 5 ears
  • Dogs with 8 noses
  • Finned birds
  • Snails with high school studies.

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