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Examples of Egyptian gods

The Egyptian gods are those that have been present in Egyptian culture in regard to the first civilizations , this as is known is logical in the sense that in those times it was normal for polytheism to exist, that is, the existence of various gods who were worshiped, the gods belonging to ancient Egypt are the most famous and even those that have been the subject of study for several decades by experts from around the world. There is a hierarchy in relation to all these gods and their earthly representation was through Pharaoh who was treated as a god on earth and therefore had a very widespread control and power throughout the people.

At present the number of ancient Egyptian deities is not easy to determine with numbers, in fact there are many of which their origin is not fully known although the Egyptologist James P. Allen has made an approximate calculation of 1400 deities based on texts ancient Egyptian civilization, although Christian Leitz, who is also an Egyptologist, assures that the number is much higher with the statement that there are actually “thousands of thousands” so it is even much more difficult to make an estimate.

On the other hand, it is important to note that in ancient Egypt there was a priestly caste of great power that guided the people in matters of spirituality , in turn these gods have been represented through paintings and sculptures, usually these representations have been combinations of human figures with those of animals , temples were also erected especially to worship them.


Examples of Egyptian godsExamples of Egyptian gods:

  1. Ra: god of the sun.
  2. Anubis: god of the dead.
  3. Horus: god of the sky.
  4. Isis: goddess of the moon.
  5. Amon: father of the gods.
  6. Hapi: god of the Nile.

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