Examples of Education


The  education is a right that all human beings deserve. Each country has a particular educational system, in addition to being called by other names. However, the most important thing is to be able to give children a future with education.

Some people say that  “education begins at home” and it is true, some parents believe that this is only in colleges / schools or institutes, but the reality is that everything starts from home. Today we want to talk to you about the  education examples so that you know correctly how they work.

The education could be defined as ” the process of education and socialization an individual with the reason for developing different skills for their future.” There are other definitions that also relate it as the induction of an individual into society.

There are several types of education; among them we can mention:

Formal education:  This is the name given to the type of education, where children, youth and adults go to an institution where they can give you classes. Whether in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, these institutions have an obligation to provide you with education at different levels.

Non-formal education:  This kind of education refers to the courses that exist, such as diplomas, workshops. These are not certified.

Informal education:  Basically this informal education is named for people who learn something throughout their lives, this can be based on books, experiences, anecdotes , among other types of events that can leave learning in your life. Another thing to note is that from children to seniors, they always learn. This type of education is also known as informal education.

Examples of Education

  1. Formal or regulated education
  2. Informal education
  3. Primary
  4. University
  5. High school
  6. Upper average
  7. Higher
  8. Post university
  9. On-line
  10. Face-to-face
  11. Semi face-to-face
  12. Physical
  13. Emotional
  14. Intellectual
  15. Of value
  16. Social
  17. Special

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