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Examples of Ecotecnias

In Mexico there is a commission specialized in caring for low-income communities . This institution is in charge of supporting these types of communities in different ways. You will probably never hear about  eco-technology , it has become the primary help for communities that do not even speak the Spanish language. The  environmental technology as it is known is a science that is responsible for studying a way of life with the environment where they are living. So we bring some  examples of eco-techniques for you to understand better.

Basically, the main task of eco-technology is to be able to help people without affecting mother nature . It is practically the combination of nature and the needs that human beings have. Although this has been based on poor people, as a way for them to obtain certain benefits. The advantage of an  eco-technology is that materials considered “low impact” are used.

Examples of eco-techniques

  1. Sawdust stove:  Instead of using wood, what they do is use the compacted sawdust in a pot, it has a basic function, but offers excellent performance and does not affect the environment .
  2. Dry toilet:  Ideal in areas where there is no possibility of drainage installation. It is currently one of the most used eco-techniques . By not using water, the main benefit it offers is that it does not generate a bad smell. The dehydration of fecal material is the most considered.
  3. Ecological cisterns :  The purpose of this cistern is that it fills up based on the accumulation of rainwater. It is used for watering plants or if you wish, it can be filtered to make purified water.
  4. Ecological wood-saving stoves . They are an excellent option when it comes to saving, with its compartment mechanism, it protects the heat efficiently.
  5. Ferrocement cisterns : it is responsible for capturing rainwater, its construction is ideal for arid areas.
  6. Family garden : it is an effective way of saving and cultivating in a family way. Fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal plants can be planted in the backyard of the house or in a vertical seedbed.
  7. Inverter technology refrigerators
  8. LED lights
  9. Solar heaters
  10. Step heaters

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