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Examples of dystopia


Dystopia is known as that thought contrary to utopia, that is, that creates an imaginary world where society is completely undesirable.

The anti-utopia is often recreated in film and television, exemplifying the chaos that can exist if people project the worst of themselves onto society.

Most of the authors have had a common element in their stories: the future. Many of the stories told have had futuristic scenarios, where, due to the low moral of the citizens, all aspects of life have changed and taken their own course towards disaster.

History of dystopia

John Stuart Mill was the first to use the concept of dystopia publicly in one of his speeches. The English philosopher, politician and economist gave a speech in Parliament in 1868 and it was there that he expressed the idea.

Since then many writers have used the term or concept to create stories with futuristic airs, where it is expected that in the world’s societies laziness and other negative elements prevail.

The term in Spanish was used by the writer José María Merino.

In medicine

On the other hand, in the area of ​​medicine this term is also often used to name a condition experienced, especially by women. It is about the existence of anomalies in the organs located in the pelvic region, that is why it is also known as prolapse in the pelvic organs.

Dystopias can affect kidneys or genital organs such as the uterus or bladder. Women are the most likely to have dystopia in their internal sexual organs.

Examples of dystopia

An example of a dystopia is the novel The Iron Heel , by Jack London:

It tells how in the United States the industrial oligarchy that holds the economic power, unites in a powerful force that dominates the government apparatus. This force, which is called “The Iron Heel,” is openly undemocratic and carries out actions of abuse of power: violent, vile and blatant repressions against the working class. Even the middle class is humiliated and repressed.

The following are examples of book or movie titles where authors presented their own idea of ​​dystopia:

  • The novel “1984”, by George Orwell (1903-1950).
  • The book “Fahrenheit 451”, by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012).
  • The movie “Mad Max”.
  • The video game “Deus Ex”.
  • The film “The Minority Report”, by Philip K. Dick.
  • The book “Brave New World”, by Aldous Huxley.
  • “We”, (1924). Novel by Yevgueni Zamiatin.
  • “The story of the maid”, (1985). Margaret Atwood novel.
  • “Essay on blindness”, (1995). Book by José Saramago.
  • “Rebellion on the farm”, (1945). George Orwell novel.
  • Movie “Mighty Minds”, (2018).
  • Feature film “A Clockwork Orange”, (1971). Directed by Stanley Kubrick.
  • Movie “12 hours to survive: the beginning”, (from The Purge saga, 2018).
  • Movie “The Hunger Games”, (2012).
  • The hole, (2019).
  • “When fate reaches us”, (1973). Harry Harrison story film.

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