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Examples of dyslexia

The Dyslexia is a disability related to reading . People with this condition are known as dyslexics , whose main characteristic is that it is difficult for them to read fluently and without errors. They may even have trouble with reading comprehension, spelling, and writing.

A dyslexic person confuses the order of the letters within a word, either when reading or writing them.

A dyslexic subject does not have mental problems such as retardation or learning problems , nor is he less intelligent than an average person, he only has difficulty deciphering the words he sees.

Dyslexia cannot be cured, but there are methods that help to cope with the condition and improve reading skills and reading comprehension.


The dyslexic does understand what he reads from a semantic and conceptual point of view.

You may improve your reading if you have discipline in applying the techniques that an expert suggests to avoid dyslexia a little.

This condition can also cause problems with other issues such as:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Orthography
  • Writing
  • Math

It can appear at any age due to some external factor that affects the brain.

Types of dyslexia

There are two types of dyslexia that groups those affected into large groups:

  • Acquired : is one that appears due to a defined brain injury.
  • Evolutionary : contrary to the previous one, there is no defined brain injury that generates it. It arises frequently in the early school stage.
  • Examples of dyslexia
  • “Home”, but read “case”.
  • “Wolf”, but read “lopo”.
  • Confusing homophone words: it would open and there would be.
  • “Maria is in danger” but read: Maria is in periglo.
  • “We make the corn taco” and read “We make the mazí taco.”
  • “The Spanish omelette is made with potato” and read “The Spanish omelette is made with potato.”
  • “José paints pictures” but read “José paints crude.”
  • “In the cave there are bats” and read “In the cave there are bats”.
  • “My mom is 41 years old” but read “My mom is 14 years old”.
  • “Maria is thirsty” and read “Maria has des”.
  • “The sun rises every morning” and read “He rises them every morning.”
  • “The house is blue” and read “The house is light.”
  • “Cristobal likes beans”, read “Cristobal likes beans”.
  • “The whale is big” but read “The llaneba is big”
  • “Pedro wants water” and read “Pedro wants uaga”.
  • “José is coming with 19 friends” and read “José is coming with 91 friends”.
  • “He’s sick” and read “He’s sick.”
  • “The car is green” and read “The car is derve.”

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