Examples of ductility


Ductility is a property that certain objects have and that refers to the ability to withstand intense deformations . They are simple objects to deform and at the same time they can withstand these changes without breaking.

Many metals have this characteristic and it is due to the fact that they are resistant to cold mechanical deformation without this posing a risk of breaking and in this case we are talking about ductile metals and it is this property that makes them excellent materials for the manufacture of wires. and electrical cables being also excellent conductors of electricity.


This property can be applied to other types of materials such as fibers and plastics . These types of materials are very resistant to various industrial processes for the manufacture of all types of materials and this allows them to have great resistance in many types of use.

This makes them an excellent raw material in sectors such as industrial chemistry, since as we said they are capable of stretching without breaking, they are also very malleable so they can be transformed into sheets of and plastic or also into all kinds of filaments, in In this case, aluminum is widely used to serve as a wrapper for different types of food .

Examples of ductility

  1. Copper
  2. The aluminum
  3. Plasticine
  4. The steel
  5. Gold
  6. The plastic
  7. Brass
  8. Lead
  9. Wood
  10. Platen


You must know the difference between the ductile and the soft, since sometimes you can be confused and think that both are the same, a very marked difference is that in the first case the matter is subjected to very large forces so that the object yields and it deforms to the point of reaching the limit, when it passes said barrier it maintains its properties and only changes its shape.

Importance of ductile materials

Both in the metallurgical industry and in the tool making industries , these types of materials are of great value and importance because they can be molded into the desired shape before breaking. In this sense, its handling has a limit because after repeated handling the material becomes fatigued and can break.

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