Examples of discrimination


The discrimination  is an act in which it is excluded and is indifferent to another person or group of persons without justifiable reason. This can be caused by different thoughts, belonging to a certain religion, political ideology, sexual orientation and even by some physical characteristic. There may be many other reasons, however, this behavior is frowned upon by society in general and is reprehensible since it violates people’s rights and their freedom of expression , in many cases they can be deprived of basic rights just for the fact to be considered inferior.

The discrimination can be seen in many areas of society and in the school, workplace, public facilities , among others. This behavior is a social phenomenon that occurs since childhood, so many organizations are responsible for carrying out campaigns to educate people on this issue and it seeks to eradicate this behavior in many societies.

There are laws that prohibit them in many parts of the world. In the same way, this type of behavior is also rejected through the moral norms established in many social groups that seek to promote mutual respect between people from the same groups or country and also with people from foreign countries.

Currently, discriminatory attitudes can still be seen in some parts of the world, which have been classified into various groups; we can mention some of the best known such as:

  • racial discrimination
  • sexual
  • the prejudices
  • discrimination against people with a certain disability
  • political ideologies
  • religious beliefs
  • physiognomy and social although there are many others.

Examples of discrimination

  1. The qualifiers of sick and dangerous to people with different sexual orientations.
  2. Preventing women from voting.
  3. Do not allow people to enter public places just because of their skin color.
  4. Isolating a co-worker for belonging to a political party.
  5. Insulting soccer fans from a foreign country.
  6. Treating someone badly for dressing differently from the rest
  7. Point out those who wear a certain dress, according to their religion.
  8. Do not let women breastfeed their children in public spaces
  9. Stop treating someone for having a certain disease
  10. Do not share with someone for thinking differently from you

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