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Examples of Discipline

The discipline is the ability of people to perform an activity on a recurring and correct. It is a form of order that is carried out and that at the same time can be governed by a series of rules imposed by the same person. Some values ​​such as perseverance and commitment are related to this concept .

It is said that a person has discipline when he can focus on the development of an activity avoiding any type of distraction , control the impulses that can affect the execution of said task and that can harm the correct development and fulfillment of objectives.

Within the family environment, discipline plays a very important role with regard to raising children: correct discipline can strengthen the development of safety, confidence, character and values of children, making them people who can face with much better attitude the various situations of life. In the same way, in the educational aspect, it is crucial to achieve good results when teaching and also in behavior .

20 Examples of Discipline

  1. A correct training and nutrition routine for an athlete to improve their performance.
  2. Well-defined hours to study during the week by a student seeking to enter the University.
  3. Organization within a company, constant training and systematic improvements in various processes to improve productivity.
  4. A karate practitioner must avoid vices such as cigarettes and alcohol and train constantly in preparation for a tournament.
  5. At school, strict rules for coexistence between students avoiding any type of physical or verbal aggression fostering mutual respect.
  6. Get up early to go to class, when I would like to sleep a little more.
  7. Do school activities at the same time every day.
  8. Practice a sport on a daily basis.
  9. Before going to class, have all my supplies on time.
  10. Be disciplined when starting therapy.
  11. Start a diet and follow it to the letter for the necessary time.
  12. Have a routine full of good habits.
  13. Arrive at work on time and try to do all tasks to the best of your ability.
  14. Spend many hours practicing with your musical instrument to improve.
  15. Be consistent in any activity that is positive for you as a person.
  16. Rigorously attend all scheduled appointments.
  17. Fulfill all commitments, no matter how minimal.
  18. Design a schedule with everything you have to do in the week and stick to it.
  19. Maintain an order when it comes to studies, from your material resources to your study schedules.
  20. Guide the children in what they must do to become good students and good people.

Know the different types of Discipline

In everyday life we ​​have a series of rules to comply with and that is why today there are different types of discipline:

  • School Discipline: this usually occurs within educational institutions, once we start in preschool through university, by complying with these methods we can progress positively.
  • Military Discipline: they are those given in the armed forces, their main role is to protect the nation, which is why their discipline is strict with no room for gambling or doubt.
  • Discipline at work: it has to do with professional performance, there must be a discipline to ensure that the work is carried out in the best way, that is, in an orderly and effective manner.
  • Self-discipline: it is the one that applies oneself in any field to carry out an activity in a certain time and in any order.
  • Discipline in some daily activity : all those people who carry out an activity such as sport, painting have total discipline.

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