Examples of Different Names of Santa Claus

Surely many of us associate Christmas with that plump man with a white beard who distributes gifts mounted on a magical sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Although it is known in many countries, it is not called the same in all of them. In this article we have wanted to recover some of those names and in which places it is known by them. Before starting, if you see that the name of a country is repeated next to more than one name, keep in mind that in a single site it does not have to be called in a single way either.

Now, without further ado, the examples:

Santa Claus (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico)

Viejito Pascuero (Chile)

Colacho (Costa Rica)

Santa Claus (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Honduras, Mexico)

Santa (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico)

San Nicolás (Honduras)

Babagjyshi Vitit të Ri (Albania)

Nikolaus (Germany)

Weihnachtsmann (Germany )

Papai Noel (Brazil)

Mo & # 351; Cr & # 259; ciun (Romania)

Pai Natal (Portugal)

& # 346; wi & # 281; ty Miko & # 322; aj (Poland)

Kerstman (Netherlands)

Julenissen (Christmas Elf)

Kal & # 279; d & # 371; senelis (Lithuania)

Babbo Natale (Italy)

Daidí na Nollag (Ireland)

Jólasveinn (Iceland)

Baba Noel (Iran)

Télapó (Hungary)

Father Christmas (England)

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