Examples of Description of a Place

Describe is to detail an object, place or person in order to highlight its visible and non-visible characteristics. It is a way of identifying the object or person described and differentiating them from others, whether they are similar or not. The description of a place is part of this tool.

The description of a place tries to give clues of its appearance so that people can locate it in a geographical environment, that they can imagine what it looks like or what they know what they will find there.

Types of description of a place

In general, these types of description apply to everything:

  • Objective description. It is common to read objective descriptions of places in the news. In a diary, they usually describe places where certain events happened, so that people can enter into context with what happened. This is usually a description that reveals the conditions at a given time. Some books in certain areas of knowledge also tend to describe places in an objective way to specify their reality, such as geography and history books.
  • Literary description . The novels, above all, describe places in such detail that the reader can imagine it, being able to have a better experience with the assimilation of the story in question.
  • Subjective description. People have a perception about some place according to lived experiences, hence we make subjective descriptions.

There is no rule that dictates how places should be described, but it is necessary to be very precise to address important aspects, such as sizes, colors, location, found objects, living things that inhabit, etc.

Examples of description of a place

  • Miguel’s big house. It has two floors distributed in 950 square meters. On the ground floor is the kitchen, a utility room, the living room, a bathroom and a small study. The living room is the first thing you are when you cross the front door, to the right is the kitchen and behind the kitchen is the utility room. On the upper floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. There is also a small living room with a TV, sofa, and video game console. It is not a house with a front garden, but it does have a patio with flowers and a space with a round table with five seats.
  • The building that collapsed was five stories tall. It is the Miramar building that is right next to the Adventure Shopping Center. The lobby was left with a pile of rubble that made it difficult to enter. From the outside you could see the interior of the first two floors, which between them house ten offices.
  • “In the wide and arid plain the rays of the sun toast the grass that grows between the bushes, whose stunted shrubs intertwine their weak and creeping branches with the twisted spirals of the parasites of dry and dusty leaves.” (Baldomero Lillo).
  • El Faro Island is a beach belonging to the Mochima National Park, in Anzoátegui, Venezuela, which offers cold waters with crystalline tones. There you will find food, transportation and entertainment services. It is surrounded by mountains between which you can see a lighthouse, which gives this island its name.

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