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Examples of Defense Mechanisms

The  defense mechanisms is something that applies directly to the subject of psychology. Something to keep in mind is that if you are one of those who focus on the ego and other things more of the personality, this is one of the most important topics. We have for you everything about the  examples of Defense Mechanisms , do you know them? It is something that can be complex to understand and that is why we have chosen to bring you everything about this concept.

Defense mechanisms are defined as the attitudes that most individuals have unconsciously to defend themselves against any situation of emotions and thoughts that can cause any type of anxiety or depressive feelings.

5 Examples of Defense Mechanisms in Psychology

Yes, the father of psychology indicates that a  defense mechanism is a series of ideas that a person can make in order to face reality and maintain an image of what is happening. This can happen in different ways, but it is necessary to point out that it will depend a lot on the reason that exists and how to deal with it. Now, it is necessary to point out that many people use these defense methods directly in the face of depression and there are several types:

  1. Displacement: A well-known self-defense method , it is important to note that when a person fixes on a target, but when it turns out to be dangerous, the individual immediately changes the target.
  2. Reactive training: It is a defense mechanism that we generate, when we feel jealousy or hatred towards some person, but we do not show it and we try to be a different person with that individual. A clear example can be the younger siblings with the older ones who are envious.
  3. Denial: Closing yourself to all kinds of things and believing that it is something that only you can see, is a clear example of closing yourself to a problem you have. An example can be when a person dies and we do not accept it.
  4. Repression: when people experience some circumstance in the past, many come to repress it to the point of forgetting it to avoid facing that memory.
  5. Regression: this mechanism tends to present a lot in people when they do not assume a separation and begin to behave like rebellious adolescents.
  6. Projection: this type of mechanism occurs in those people who are insecure for them, everything will always go wrong.
  7. Isolation: people use this mechanism to avoid the reality of life, many times they do it to avoid facing their problems.

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