Examples of decantation

The decantation is a physical process that is carried out in solid or liquid materials and consisting of the separation of elements before were mixed. If there is a difference in density between the components of a heterogeneous mixture, they can be separated from each other by decantation.

To know which element in a mixture can be separated from the other, we must verify which one has a lower density. Sometimes, and depending on the substance , this will be visible to our eyes, since the one with the lowest density will be placed in the uppermost layer of the already settled mixture.

Thus, by executing the decantation process, the substance with less density than the other will rise until it is ‘eliminated’ from the mixture .

There are two types of decantation:

  • Solid-liquid decantation . To separate a solid from a liquid.
  • Liquid-liquid decantation . To separate one liquid substance from another.

Settling should not be confused with sedimentation. The latter is used to settle solid particles in a liquid.

20 examples of decantation

Many of the products that we consume or are used for various activities in industries , above all, come from a decantation process. The most common is converting once wastewater or containing mercury or another toxic substance into drinking water. Let’s look at what those other more common examples are.

  • Wastewater separation.
  • Sauces
  • Cream of milk.
  • Ashes in a volcanic eruption.
  • In oil refining .
  • Product that must be shaken before use.
  • Contamination of water with harmful substances or particles.
  • Mix of water and earth.
  • Mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Sand and water mixture.
  • Vinaigrette.
  • Sediment extraction from wine.
  • Mix of spirits for making cocktails.
  • Glycerin and biodiesel separation.
  • Separation of water and oil.
  • Preparation of vinegar.
  • In the purification of water.
  • Creation of the pozol.
  • Oil extraction.
  • Juice preparation.

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