Examples of deadly sins

Capitals sins

The  capitals are a number of vices which are contrary to the moral of. Of these vices other sins can be classified, in principle there are seven that were determined in the first teachings in order to educate the faithful about the true morality of the Christian community .

The word capital has its origin in the Latin «caput» or «capitis» which means head and which refers to the sin that many others give off and not to its gravity.

The seven deadly sins known today are gluttony, lust, laziness, anger, envy, greed, and vanity. However, the Catholic religion classifies them into two groups that are venial sin in which are grouped those that are considered as less serious and that can be forgiven through the sacraments and on the other hand there is mortal sin which has a very serious gravity. higher and that it is linked to the mortality of other people and that can lead to perpetual punishment.

Examples of deadly sins

  1. Pride: excessive love for oneself.
  • To think that one is always right
  • Always act for your own benefit
  • Do not let others have an opinion
  • To think that no one else is smart than you
  • Give orders without consulting
  1. Gluttony: Eating in excess, it is also considered gluttony to consume alcoholic beverages in excess.
  • Ingesting alcoholic beverages in excess
  • Eating excessively
  • Always think about food
  • Consuming harmful substances excessively
  • Being addicted to psychotropic substances
  1. Greed: it is excessive to have material things, it is to give importance above all to material things regardless of honesty and other moral values .
  • Excessive accumulation of money
  • Acquire material things of value for yourself
  • Buy a lot of houses and not occupy them just to have
  • Acquire many vehicles just to show off.
  • Buying excess clothing for one-time use and then throwing it away
  1. Anger: it is to get angry in an uncontrolled way and even worse to have a desire for revenge and act against others.
  • Bother mindlessly
  • Getting excessively angry about something insignificant.
  • Getting upset with a person to the level of wanting to murder them
  • Hitting someone else uncontrollably
  • Hurting someone else just out of annoyance.
  1. Laziness: it is laziness and giving in to it, leaving aside responsibilities and duties.
  • Always be sleepy
  • Not wanting to work
  • Waiting for others to do things for you
  • Sleep late
  • Living dirty for laziness to clean or tidy up.
  1. Envy: it is an insatiable desire to possess something that someone else has and that person does not.
  • Feeling happy because someone else is doing badly
  • Getting upset about a friend’s prosperity
  • Want your family to be like others
  • Wanting someone else’s happiness and doing what you can to ruin it
  • Getting upset that someone else has what that person wants.
  1. Lust: It is the type of obsessive and compulsive desires of a sexual nature, that is, it is an excessive and constant desire for sexual liberation.
  • Sex addiction
  • Adultery
  • Violation
  • Uncontrolled desires
  • Constant bad thoughts about sex with other people who are not your partner.

For a long time the seven deadly sins have remained, however, in 2008 the Vatican’s apostolic penitentiary court released a list of new deadly sins and among which a new group called social sin stands out.

This type of capital sins contains a series of vices that have a negative influence on today’s society, among these vices are: do not perform genetic manipulations, do not carry out experiments on other human beings, you will not pollute the environment, you will not cause social injustice, you will not cause poverty, you will not enrich yourself to obscene limits at the expense of the common good and you will not use drugs.

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