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Examples of customs


Customs are activities and ways of acting established within a community as part of its tradition . They are carried out frequently either on a daily or occasional basis and are a reflection of that society ; They are a fundamental part of their own identity and represent their history and culture . These actions are unique and differentiate one society from another, although depending on the size of the population in a country it may share certain customs or resemble others.

The customs are closely linked to the traditions since together they are the reflection of the sense of belonging of each person within their community; These actions and activities in many cases have their origin in individuals from the same society thousands of years ago and may not have a logical explanation or they may not be understood by people from other societies, some of which become more striking than others, a In turn, at present there are customs of certain societies that are sought to be eliminated since they threaten the physical and moral integrity of people.

The customs are of great influence in the creation of laws of a community, judicial systems and even governmental of a nation; A clear example of custom that can violate morality is incest since clearly in most societies it is an incorrect act and although this is the case, the truth is that some communities are not so strict in this type of behavior and like others It generates a lot of controversy, on the other hand there are customs that are sought to preserve since they are considered a treasure and the legacy of generations in a society.

Examples of customs

  1. Fireworks at national holidays and end of the year festivities
  2. The quinceañera
  3. Piñatas on birthdays
  4. The shepherds
  5. The secret friend game
  6. The carnivals
  7. The procession of the Lord of Miracles in Peru
  8. Death Worship in Mexico
  9. Cakes or pastries on birthdays
  10. Wine or champagne to celebrate a commemoration or inauguration of a space
  11. Ribbon that is cut with scissors or pulled through the end of the loop to open a gap
  12. Christmas gifts
  13. Holy week within the catholic belief
  14. Family dinner at Christmas or Thanksgiving
  15. Always dress in the same way.

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