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Examples of cultural syncretism

To understand what cultural syncretism is, you must first define what syncretism means  , it is a process in which different ideologies, thoughts and traditions are reconciled and mixed , in this case when talking about cultural syncretism, which by the way is the The most frequent case is the mixture of cultural expressions of all kinds, this gives rise to new customs and traditions, usually in they tend to have inconsistencies internally but in the same way they are put into practice.

A case of cultural syncretism quite clear is the one that occurred when the Spanish cultures were mixed with those of the indigenous peoples in America after their arrival, both cultures collided and formed an amalgam of new customs and cultural expressions, this implies in many cases religion and it usually occurs spontaneously, that is, it is not forced, it arises from the need for coexistence on the part of communities of different beliefs, a more specific case is the one that occurs for example in Haiti with voodoo since it is a mixture of religious beliefs of African origin and beliefs typical of Caribbean regions.

Returning to the issue of cultural syncretism, there was also miscegenation when communities of different races, different beliefs and different types of traditions were mixed, all this has given rise to a culture that could be considered as hybrid and that has elements of the communities that make it up, examples of this can be seen in various regions of Latin America, although it has also been seen in regions of other continents, such as in the case of the well-known “Hellenism” in which Egyptian, Greek and Roman gods were fused with Phoenician gods. .Examples of cultural syncretism

Examples of cultural syncretism :

  1. The Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, originally it was the goddess of the Earth Coatlicue.
  2. The Catholic Church of Santo Tomás de Chichicastenango in Guatemala in which symbols and beliefs of Mayan origin are allowed.
  3. The Tirana festival in Chile.
  4. Celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween and the Day of the Dead.
  5. The New Year’s party.

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