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Examples of Cultural Project

A cultural project is defined as one that is focused to achieve the objectives that are related to the cultural traits of a specific community or society.

When we talk about culture, it is related to all the practices that are lived in a community since each town has its own customs and its own culture, this means that when a cultural project is carried out, it must be focused on the way of life of each community .

3 Examples of Cultural Project

    1. Flower Festival: with this type of project, the city of Mérida aims to publicize the beauty of flora that its state has and the great natural beauty of its inhabitants, since most of the flowers that grow there are autonomous from that region and do not occur elsewhere since its climate is what makes them so beautiful.
    2. In the community of La Colorado : it has a good cultural project that is very innovative since it is about improving the roads and tourist sites in the area to increase the visits of the inhabitants of the nearby areas and thus improve their economic situation by selling their typical sweets, liqueurs and crafts.
    1. The community of San Pedro del Río, the tourist town, has created a cultural project to improve the art and crafts spaces that are typical of the area. This project will have the participation of different artisans who with their talent will present the latest in the techniques that are applied to give a better finish to the objects that serve as ornaments to beautify any room in the home. When tourists visit this typical town, they do not leave without taking a fault that is characterized by the place and more if they want to make a special gift.

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