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Examples of cultural diversity

Cultural diversity

The cultural diversity is a concept that refers to the coexistence of different types of cultures in the same society or community . This coexistence implies that the individuals of each culture interact in a satisfactory way. This diversity is currently considered one of the most important heritages of humanity.

The cultural diversity based on respect and understanding can increase knowledge and understanding; the importance of knowing how to tolerate the person next to us with different ideas and culture represents an advance in society and humanity. This respect not only means that other people are equally understanding towards our own culture but also about authorities and entities that carry out actions that influence our way of living since in this way these actions will always be taken thinking about how they will affect us all

Examples of cultural diversity

  1. The gastronomy
  2. The various musical genres
  3. The realization of sporting events
  4. The art
  5. Variety of races and skin colors in a community
  6. Customs and traditions
  7. Respect between people of different religions
  8. Diversity and respect for sexual identity
  9. Indigenous ethnic groups
  10. Religious groups in the world

Cultural diversity also includes biological diversity , which seeks the preservation of all living species in our environment, in the genetic aspect it implies that individuals of different races can coexist peacefully within the same social group, this also includes the issue of sexual diversity where there is tolerance for any type of sexual orientation or inclination. The UNESCO announced in November 2001 , the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.


  • Study and evaluate the cultural environment from the general to the particular
  • Refers to communities within the world
  • Talk about the various cultural manifestations
  • It is related to globalization, rapid expansion and technology, allowing their relationship with each other, the rapprochement between different cultures.
  • It is used as a means of connection and development, both cultural, economic, social, intellectual, among others.
  • It is transmitted through various tools such as language, religion, traditions, artistic beliefs , among others.

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