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Examples of crossfit diets


It is a sports practice of great physical demand. It is an activity of great intensity through which a series of exercises are combined that range from lifting with own weight to rowing, running, lifting weights, among others.

In this sense, such an intense activity where power, agility and strength are mixed , in conjunction with the body itself and external tools such as barbells, ropes, dumbbells, sandbags, among others, deserves a correct diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates. .

That is why in this space we will give you some examples of what you need to know to be able to eat well and according to this demanding sport activity. It is important to note that, despite maintaining a balanced diet rich in  protein and carbohydrates , it is possible to take one day of the week and go off the diet, eating a sweet or food outside of what is suggested in the diets.

Examples of crossfit diets

    1. Breakfast / snack: rice drink shakes with banana, oats and cinnamon
Lunch / dinner: carrot soup, baked hake with potatoes and peeled tomatoes

Dessert: pear without skin

  1. Breakfast / snack: Oatmeal smoothie with dates and buckwheat flakes.

Lunch / dinner: polenta with rosemary, baked chicken without skin with carrots.

Dessert : ripe banana

  1. Breakfast / snack: rice drink with cereal porridge without added sugar.

Lunch / dinner: zucchini puree with grilled turkey

Dessert: apple without skin

  1. Breakfast / snack: yogurt with applesauce without added sugar combined with corn flakes.

Lunch / dinner: rice with pumpkin. Lubina in the oven.

Dessert: peach without skin

  1. Breakfast / snack: apple juice without added sugar with toasted white bread with jam.

Lunch / dinner: boiled potato with parsley. Grilled skinless chicken with skinless lettuce and tomato salad.

Dessert: pear without skin.

  1. Breakfast / snack: cereal with skim milk and orange juice

Lunch / dinner: grilled steak with potatoes and steamed carrots.

Dessert: apple juice without added sugar.

  1. Breakfast / snack: fruit salad such as strawberry, peach, ripe banana, kiwi with rolled oats and honey. With apple juice without added sugar

Lunch / dinner: baked salmon with assorted vegetables.

Dessert: peeled orange.

  1. Breakfast / snack: whole wheat toast with fat-free cheese and orange juice.

Lunch / dinner: grilled chicken with mashed sweet potatoes.

Dessert: a serving of strawberries.

  1. Breakfast / snack: yogurt with fruit salad.

Lunch / dinner: steamed vegetable salad with grilled meat.

Dessert: apple without shell

  1. Breakfast / snack: fruit smoothie, pineapple, parsley, cucumber and banana with oat flakes.

Lunch / dinner: baked fish with fresh tomato salad, lettuce.

Dessert: peach without shell.

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