Examples of cover letters for work

Sending only the curriculum vitae to a job proposal, which will surely generate a lot of competition among colleagues, has become a thing of the past. It is best to attach a cover letter that arouses interest in the employer so that they can look carefully at our resume later.

This document has a more personal air. Its issuer can write it however they want, it can be very creative, very direct or very formal. The truth is that in it you must state the reasons why the company should hire you.

There is no concrete structure for creating a cover letter for work, but it is expected that the rules of courtesy, grammar and honesty will be put into practice. It is the document in which you must sell yourself and highlight your best qualities . You must generate the need to hire yourself.

You can also be a little more astute than the others and mention aspects that only a true connoisseur of the brand you want to work on knows, to do this, research the company very well and direct it to the right person.

Examples of cover letter for work

  • Example 1

I would like to join the Finance Department of your company, since I am trained and have the skills to develop different tasks, especially in the areas of finance and accounting.

I have recently finished my studies in Business Administration and Management at the University of Madrid. Everything I have learned has allowed me to develop a great capacity for resolution and acquire a global perspective of all areas of the company. Throughout my training, I have also learned to work as a team and in fact I love doing it. Additionally, my knowledge of English and French is 80%.

I have also had the opportunity to develop my first work experiences through internships in different companies, the details of which you will find in the attached Curriculum Vitae.

I am at your entire disposal to carry out an interview and the tests that you consider appropriate.

Thanking you for your attention, I say goodbye very cordially,

(Name and signature)

  • Example 2

I have had the opportunity to see the offer published on a website, in which they request a Content Manager for their company.

My interest to work in your company is due to the prestige and reputation it has in the sector, and I am qualified to fill the position they request, since my professional experience of 6 years is focused on the development of innovative loyalty programs and recruitment of New customers.

I have a degree in Marketing and Communication from the University of xxxx, I have a high level of English and I have worked with different market research technologies, as required by the offer.

It would be very important for me to talk with you for any questions you may have about my professional profile, as well as to talk about other issues related to the offer. For this you can easily reach me at the phone number (number) or by email to (address).

Waiting for your news, sincerely greets you,

(Name and signature)

  • Example 3

Although I have learned that at this time there is no offer available for the profile of mathematics teacher, I would like to offer myself for future vacancies.

I am especially motivated to work at a renowned and prestigious private university like the one you represent. I am qualified to fill the position at any time. I have three years of experience since I graduated in Pure Mathematics at the Universidad de Oriente.

In recent years I have worked in local institutes, in private courses and consulting on engineering projects, but I would love to be part of a university of such importance for the country.

I would like you to take into account my proposal for future selection processes because I would love to be part of your team of teachers, who I already know are very valuable as a person and as professionals.

I will be happy to expand my professional profile if you require it, so that I will be contactable by phone (number) or by email at (address).

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